"To always think of business in cycles—you will grow consistently but soon you will plateau if you don't innovate. Everything has its life cycle, you will be up one day and then you will come down. So before coming down, you need to think of ways to create a new cycle. Never be comfortable thinking that it's all good because the future awaits and it's never bright for people who think they're too good."

Quoted by Vivy Yusof - Founder of FASHIONVALET
Source: http://www.buro247.my/fashion/insiders/burobossgirl-vivy-yusof-stanford-fashionvalet.html

People might say, 'Aiya yours is just a small company, sell $5 headband. Cannot make much also'

Hey, its not wrong to DREAM big. And my headbands are $8.90 not $5....

Lets continue to DREAM BIG!

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