About Us

Hi, I am Fei Ismail. The person behind Ny and Lu. A working mum who is obsessed with creating headbands for my little Nyla. 

Creating headband is a form of therapy for me. It gave me a sense of sanity in the insane corporate world that I am working in.

Ny and Lu is short for Nyla and Luq. Nyla is my little babe while Luq is the name of my newborn son.

I have been making headbands for Ny since she was still in my tummy, in 2011. I had received a few compliments along the way even from strangers. I am not a fan of big sunflower with thick band or knitted band kind and buying the cute and funky kind online creates a big hole in my pocket.

Welcome to Ny and Lu. Most of the items are handmade by myself in Lion city. I love working with felt, fabric, PVC and leather. All bows are hand cut and hand sewn into lovely bows. Bows can be attached to your choice of either elastic headband, nylon headband, lined alligator clips or brooch pins.

Our khaki Nylon Headbands are a one size fits all. Your little one can wear the elastic from newborn to toddler and get lots of use out of it. Super comfy stretchy headband that won't leave a big indention on your girls' head! Even mummies can wear them too!

I often spent dreaming of how I can make this little shop bigger, better, and prettier. My heart in making these headbands is to create playful and whimsical pieces and accessories that can accent your little love's special occasions.

I spend most of my evenings and nights cutting, ironing, sewing, and attaching the bows to the headbands. Even though it requires time, I love the process and being able to work with my hands.

These headbands and bows are nothing short of a labour of love. Sometimes I wish I could keep each one, but then I remember it's not cool to be a hoarder. I'm currently busy creating new creations to expand my Ny and Lu Collection.

From the bottom of my heart.... Thank you for dropping by this page.

Big hugs and sloppy kisses,
Fei, Ny and Luq